Gum Therapy
Gum therapy is necessary for patients who have Periodontitis, otherwise known as gum disease. Periodontitis starts by bacterial infection of the periodantal tissue, which consists of the gum, ligaments, and the underlying bone. It is a silent disease,  which means there is no pain until it is well advanced, which leads to extraction of all involved teeth. Periodontal disease is a serious problem, since it not only leads to loss of teeth but also contributes to Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and complications in Pregnancy (Low Birth Weight and Preterm Birth).

Steps of Gum  Therapy:

  • Periodontal exam.
  • FMD (Full Mouth Debriment).
  • Deep cleaning or Scaling and Root Planning (SRP) of every tooth that is involved.
  • Irrigation (antibacterial medicine that is injected underlying the gums or deep pockets).
  • PIPP (Presumptive Identification of Periodontal Pathogens) Dr. Mitra H. Bral takes sample of patient’s bacterial infection which it’s send to PIPP Laboratory. The PIPP Lab will do a break down to see what kind of bacteria is affecting patient’s gumsand then a prescription is given to patient.
  • PP (Perio Protect trays)
  • RotaDent Machine
  • Periodontal Maintenance: Dr. Mitra H. Bral recommends patients with gum disease, to be seen  every two to three months instead of typical six months. What is done in those appointments is the removal of the bacterial plaque and calculus from above and below the gum line, site specific scaling and root planning where indicated, and polishing the teeth.