• Intra-Oral Cameras

    During the examination and treatment we use intra-oral camera images to record existing conditions and to assist us with describing any treatment that may be necessary. Most patients believe that visual images aid their understanding.

  • Digital Radiography

    In our office, to keep exposure to radiation to a minimum, we utilize state of the art digital radiographic sensors. This technology allows minimal exposure while allowing us to determine the presence of tooth decay or other pathology. Dr. Bral also does not recommend x-rays unless they are necessary for diagnostic purposes. Lead aprons are routinely utilized, and the office follows the FDA and ADA Guidelines for exposure to radiographs.

  • Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

    Some soft tissue procedures can now be performed by lasers that allow for specific surgical treatments without anesthesia or bleeding. These same lasers can also eliminate pain associated with apthous ulcers and can reduce gum tissue around erupting wisdom teeth without surgery; no bleeding or sutures!